Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Garden hummer

I first saw this Humming-bird Hawk-moth in the garden on the 18th, then again the following day, but on both occasions it disappeared before I could grab the camera and get outside. Today, however, it fed around the Verbenas for long enough to get a few shots. Very difficult thing to photograph - these were the only two in focus out of about 50 attempts:

Always nice to see - this is only the third one I've ever seen in Leics.

A couple more similar shots when it came back later:

And finally a reasonably sharp one!


beast said...

I'm gripped...!

Always a treat to watch...[can you blow the fuckin thing towards Stoneygate]....?

The Leicester Llama said...

I could try, but it seems to like it here, having been around for over a week now!

Skev said...

Are you going to give Adrian a bell next time it pops up? I think he's well overdue a VC55 hummer!

The Leicester Llama said...

I have let him know it's around, but I think he'd be lucky to see it given its erratic appearances over the last 10 days. Didn't realise he hadn't seen one in the county though.