Tuesday, 25 November 2008

We're not worthy

Last night, during my usual perusal of various birding websites, I discovered a terrible thing. In fact, to use one of John Shuttleworth’s favourite phrases, I was devastated. Why? Because the best, funniest and sweariest birding blogger has decided to call it a day. I’m talking of course about Tom McKinney’s ‘Skills-Bills’ website, which has entertained like-minded spotters for the last three years.

Maybe he simply wants to ‘quit while he’s ahead’ (which he certainly is, by a long way), but if it’s just a case of getting bored with it, then please, Tom, don’t be a cunt – at least give us an occasional update. Or maybe you just need to give it a rest for a few months while you recharge your swearing batteries, and then carry on? But if this really is the end, then all I can do is quote from the Master: Fuck. Tits. Bollocks.


Kay said...

I'm equally saddened by this news, I hope we havn't heard the last of Tom.

beast said...

Don't reckon he's got bored Andy...think maybe 'domestic' issues rearing they're ugly head...like they always do! Time [lack of it] is probably to blame....fuckin shame as, like we all know, he's superbly entertaining and will be greatly missed. Have a sneakin suspicion though that he won't be able to resist putting more of his brilliant 'birdin bollox' on line....let's hope so!
Maybe a christmas special?!