Thursday, 16 October 2008

Is it spring yet?

No, thought not, but as I'm awake now I might as well post some drivel here.

Apparently my auntie had a funny bird in her garden the other day. Nothing unusual in that, you might say; most birders' relatives have had funny birds in their gardens at one time or another. My granny reckoned she had an American Robin in her garden in Rugby once! However, this particular auntie lives in Paignton, south Devon, so it might possibly have been something out of the ordinary.

"The nearest bird in the book was a Pied Wagtail, [so presumably it was basically black and white] but it had a flash of bright orange on it when it flew off."

I know that's a very brief description (and pretty typical for a non-birder) but what the fuck was that?!!

Answers on a postcard please, or if you're not still living in the 19th century, via comments in the usual way.

And anyone who lives near Paignton might want to go and have a nose around Swincombe Drive just in case it was a Blackburnian Warbler. Or a Mugimaki Flycatcher.


Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

Black Redstart maybe?

beast said...

Andy...pump yer auntie [not literally] for more info. Sounds like an interesting bird.
Wot was it doing n where exactly? In a hedge? On the lawn? Hanging on yer uncles nuts? How did it move? Wot size was it? Was it a feckin G.S woodpecker..actually...thinkin about it...i suppose it cudda bin a great spot...flash of orange..reddish orange..rather reddish?
Presume yer auntie tried to id bird in a half decent field guide and not in 'willie wankers book of wagtails'...
Seriously though, we all know sightings like this usually come to fuck all...but..might be worth askin a few more questions considering her location n whats been goin on recently.
All the best to yer auntie..Beast

Jeff Higgott said...

Chasing up reports of 'funny' birds in people's gardens is only worthwhile if there are nice cups of tea and pieces of cake involved.

Andy Mackay said...

You're probably right Jeff. I certainly shan't be driving down to south Devon on the strength of that description! I'm trying to find out some more details, but haven't heard anything back from her yet.