Friday, 10 October 2008

Oh how we laughed

Laugh? We nearly shat.
We had not laughed so much since Grandma died
Or Auntie Mabel caught her left tit in the mangle.

Pager message this morning: No sign of the Alder Flycatcher at Nanjizal.

Right, that's the first part of the very predictable script played out. Now, where's that mega here...


Marcus Lawson said...

The script is somewhat inevitable!!

I see the passport birders are happy, some of them have had 3 BOU, IRBC, AUS, NZ, Falkland and any other Commonwealth Country ticks over the past week.

beast said...

Sooo cruel Mr.Mackay! [nice]!

Maybe consolation for all them that dipped today...reckon the i.d of the empid will rumble on for years.
Still don't know how the cornish clots managed to dub it an Alder anyway. Guess the ringers in states have been doin it all wrong all these years! [by the is not anti-cornish ringers..just a bit o ribbing]!
Bet thuz lots of 'anti-ringers' down in Cornwall now though..can you hear em? 'Fuckers rang it n now it's fucked they screwed up the identification anyway..twats...cunts..can't tick it anyway..arsoles'...etc.
Oh wot fun...

p.s...hope the second part of the script works out Andy!

Andy Mackay said...

Sadly not - we've seen fuck all today, despite walking miles yet again! Maybe tomorrow (maybe someday)...