Saturday, 20 February 2010


Some quality owlage (of the Short-eared variety) at Cossington Meadows this afternoon, and about time too - I've been several times over the winter and not seen the bastards at all. Today, however, they performed very well in nice evening light. I even managed to get some reasonable photos of them, despite feeling decidedly inadequate in the company of at least half a dozen camouflage-jacketed 'proper' photographers with their matching camouflage-jacketed 'bucket' lenses:

At least three birds were present, and probably four, although I never saw all of them together. There were also two Barn Owls, but I didn't manage to get any shots of them.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

It was nothing to do with me!

Before anyone starts accusing me of interfering with elderly llamas....

And if anyone has arrived on this blog by searching for leicester + llama or something similar, I'm afraid there are no cute photos of baby llamas in red pyjamas here. Just very occasional and often not very interesting stuff about birds. Sorry.