Sunday 12 December 2010

Some lovely Waxwings

Until this morning I hadn’t seen a Waxwing for years; usually I can’t be bothered to twitch them when there’s an invasion and then end up not seeing any. I did hear one calling somewhere near my house the other week, but didn’t see it, and there doesn’t seem much chance of another one round here as all the rowans have now been stripped bare by thrushes and Starlings.

So, given that I’d been thinking that I ought to make an effort this time, plus the fact that Mrs Llama wanted to see a Waxwing, news of a flock of 100+ in Loughborough for the last two days seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

Most of the flock had buggered off by the time we got there, but we did see about 30, initially in flight and then perched in some trees for about half an hour. They were slightly too distant for any really good photos, and mostly hidden by branches, but these were the best of about 150 shots I took (all heavily cropped, and in some cases edited to remove annoying out of focus twigs!). Just in case you hadn’t seen enough Waxwing photos on the Internet recently....