Friday 28 September 2012

Cold Turkey

Normally at this time of year I’m in a state of high excitement preparing to go to Shetland. There will usually be at least one blog post in the week before we go with references to ironing my pants and endless perusing of weather websites. But as I’m not going this year, the pants will have to remain unironed. The weather websites are still being closely monitored, but this year, rather than south-easterlies I’m desperately hoping for continuous westerly gales (a bit like last year in fact!).

And so far, after a worrying start, it’s looking good for the weekend. But no, in all sincerity (yeah, right), ‘good luck to anyone going’ as they say. I’m very envious, as you can probably tell. If the currently forecast westerly gales don’t materialise I might go out and look for my two most-wanted county ticks, Lapland Bunting and Richard’s Pipit. But most likely I’ll be sitting here looking at the weather charts and the Shetland webcams – give me a wave if you’re passing one of them...

Not sure whether this will look as good once Blogger have mangled it, but this is a black & white HDR shot of the view across the airport to Sumburgh Head from Rob's house at Virkie, complete with just about south-easterly airsock.