Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Quiz Answers & Winners

Was this really that hard? Maybe it was, judging by the fact that only four people entered, one of whom described it as ‘fiendish’ and another ‘challenging! But then again, the very first entrant got nine out of ten, and all ten sets of wingbars were correctly identified by at least one person, so it was far from impossible.

The answers:
1. Little Bunting, Sumburgh Farm, 11th October 2009

2. Not, as all but one person thought, Citrine Wagtail, but Buff-bellied Pipit, Eshaness, 6th October 2010

3. House Sparrow, Virkie, 3rd October 2009

4. Common Rosefinch, Norwick, Unst, 6th October 2011

5. An easy one, which everyone got – (Hornemann’s) Arctic Redpoll, Aith, 7th October 2009

6. Taiga Flycatcher, Gloup, Yell, 12th October 2009

7. Another one everyone got – Lapland Bunting, Virkie, 7th October 2010

8. Pallas’s Warbler, Sumburgh Head, 14th October 2007

9. Goldcrest, Sumburgh Farm, 11th October 2010 – everyone got this one 

10. Olive-backed Pipit, Baltasound, Unst, 6th October 2011

The winners:

1st – Tim Jones with 9/10
2nd – Alison Allen with 7/10

Thanks also to Steve Smith and John Hague for bothering to enter, and to John for attempting to drum up some more interest on Facebook and his blog.

Next year I’ll do ten photos of Robins...