Tuesday 27 April 2010

Llamas in the news!

Not just any old news story about llamas, but llamas and birds - fantastic!


Let's hope this splendid idea of using llamas to scare off predators on nature reserves catches on - wouldn't it be great to have llamas roaming around Rutland Water or Cossington Meadows rather than boring old cows, sheep or horses? Perhaps they could be trained to spit at stringers as well as predators...

Friday 16 April 2010


This morning I had to go on an important fact-finding mission to Albert Village Lake, which as its name suggests is a lake near Albert Village, an outpost in the badlands of the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border. The village itself is so-called because 95% of its male inhabitants have cock rings. You may have seen the site mentioned on your pager recently after the appearance there of a 'potential first for Britain'.

The reason I had to undertake this vital work was that I've been commissioned to put together some interpretatatatative boards for various sites in Leicestershire, starting with AVL. As I didn't need Common Gull for my county list, I had never visited the site, so I thought I ought to go and have a look at it (putting the mileage down as an allowable business expense of course: a round trip of 65 miles at HMRC's approved rate for private cars of 40p per mile, let's see, that'll be £26.00 off my 2010/11 tax liability thank you very much).

Anyway, the main fact I found was this: Albert Village Lake is a large lake with lots of gulls on it and not much else.

I think it could be a rather boring interpretatative board....