Tuesday 23 March 2010

Too much time on your hands?

Fed up with Wheatears and Sand Martins already?

Then why not try the new craze that’s sweeping the country: Google Street View birding!

Just like the real thing, but cheaper! Now you can ‘drive’ round the whole country from the comfort of your computer chair, and without paying extortionate petrol prices.

Start off with the easy species like Canada Goose, Mute Swan, Black-headed Gull and Mallard:

Experience the thrill of finding smaller species such as Magpie and Woodpigeon!

String anything that’s a bit too far away to identify properly. Even get gripped off!!

What are they looking at? Surely one of those white blobs must be a Little Egret?

Who knows, you might even find a BB rarity (it would have to be quite a big one though).

Failing that, you could revisit scenes of past glories:

PACIFIC SWIFT!!!! No, too late, it’s gone. Actually, I did see the Little Whimbrel in this field, so there.

Or you could just get a life....

Thursday 11 March 2010

The Horn

Having failed to find them when we were in Norfolk in January, I was pleased to catch up with the two long-staying Shore Larks at Snettisham today. And despite completely crap light and not being too approachable, I managed to get a couple of reasonable shots of them. Always nice birds to see, and both were starting to show small horns, although these were only really visible from behind.

Not a lot else of note, apart from a Woodcock flying over the A149, and a Weasel which ran across the path at Titchwell.