Sunday, 12 June 2011

When Bellringers go bad...

From today’s Daily Bollox:

It was once the most mild-mannered of hobbies – but bellringing’s image is being tarnished so much by growing concerns over the bad behaviour of devotees that a “respect” code is now being introduced.

Followers have warned of rising tensions and even outbreaks of violence among bellringers (or “bellers” as many prefer to be known) as they vie for the best ropes to pull.

Traditionalists have become so concerned about damage to the hobby’s reputation that they have drawn up a new code of conduct, published in the belling “bible” Bell Ends, and endorsed by the Royal Society for the Promotion of Bellringing.

The new code calls for Britain’s estimated six hundred bellringers to “respect” others taking part in the hobby, stresses the need to observe “good belfry etiquette” and urges people not to “tug their ropes” too hard. Fights have broken out over limited spaces in bell towers, while there are increasing reports of bellringers interfering with each others clappers in their determination to ring the most bells.

Lee MacAllister, a leading beller who set up the British Belling Association said “many of these newcomers don’t know their Reverse Rounds from their Weasels and just turn up pulling ropes willy-nilly. It’s just got ridiculous.”

He said he personally had been involved in several violent confrontations with other bellers. “I have had lots of serious, physical fights when I have tried to stop people from tugging on my sally while I’m trying to ring Plain Bob Minor. In the last three years the situation has been just awful. The hobby has gone down the pan.”


knobcheese said: these peeple need to get a lief

mememememe said: G.E.T. A. L.I.F.E!!!!!

wanker258 said: they need to get a girlfreind, too much tugging on there bellends lol!!!!!!!

fluffyhead said: leeve them allone they arn’t doing no one any harm!

doltbrain said: i never seen a bellriner on xfactor so it must be crap lol

wanker258 said: well they ovbiously wudnt fancy you flufyhead lol!!!!!!!!

fluffyhead said: and how would u know wanker258 you’re name says it all wanker!!!!!

Imsofunny said: “Weasels”? “Plain Bob Minor”? Sounds like something from Monty Python!

pleaselikeme said: bellringing is just wierd. why don’t these people do something normal like going to football or getting pissed or watching tv?

neverhadanoriginalthoughtinmylife said: I agree!!

goosefat said: I’m naked.

Bellman said: Well at least we aren’t as bad as those bloody birdspotters – I heard they all carry knives these days!

sparklyshoes said: omg i cant beleive people waist there lives like ringing bells! wtf is that all about? sad or what?!?!

fluffyhead said: and what do you do with your life thats so grate sparklyshoes? some people oughtto look at there own life before slagging off others all the time!

wanker258 said: ffs ligten up fluffyhed!!!!!

goosefat said: anyone want to ring my bell?

cumface said: This comment has been removed by a moderator


beast said...

When i read that 'goosefat' said..."i'm naked"....
i must admit...i dam near pissed meself...

Cheers Andy....!

Ipin said...

pissing myself ...fantastic..the bell ringers bible "bell ends"

The Leicester Llama said...

Thanks. I'll tell you where the "I'm naked" comment came from - I used to play online poker, and I remember it coming up in the chatbox on several occasions. Presumably just seeing if they could get a reaction out of someone. No reason for "goosefat" - it just popped into my head as a good pseudonym for that sort of person!

I know 'they' say you shouldn't laugh at your own jokes, but I must admit I was giggling at that one all afternoon as well!

beast said...

Me n the lads were still pissing ourselves down the boozer last night over the 'goosefat' character...[i had tears in me eyes as i could picture the bloke]...!

ps...if your own jokes don't make you laugh then why should anyone else...?

Good stuff....

alison rhodes said...

glad you are back

Anonymous said...

I think goosefat could start his own series of satirical insights...

goosefat said...

Naked and sweaty. Fookin' 'ell it's 'ot

The Leicester Llama said...

I wondered how long it would be before someone did that. Life imitating art and all that...