Thursday, 22 September 2011

The long wait is over!

After many months of badgering Richard (stop that sniggering at the back) my completely revamped website is finally live:

However, because nothing in life is ever simple, this has unfortunately coincided with Richard's server account being hacked by some piece of retarded lowlife shit in Malaysia. This caused spam links to appear on all the sites Richard is responsible for. Although my site is clean now, this means that all the sites have to be reinstalled and new accounts created, so it will probably disappear for a day or two, or possibly be replaced temporarily by the old one. So please have a look at it while it's there! If it's a blackish/dark grey design with a Short-eared Owl at the top, that's the new one. If it's white with a Ringed Plover on the home page, it's reverted to the crappy old one.

Either way, if anyone wants a pet portrait or anything else doing in time for Christmas, please let me know as soon as possible.

Ad break over.


beast said...

Just had a look at the new site...and i must say you've got some good stuff on there Andy....

Am impressed...! them Hobbies...[i would tho wouldn't i]...?

The Leicester Llama said...

Thanks Colin. That Hobbies painting has been exhibited several times in the last few years, but not sold for some reason, although lots of people have said they like it!

beast said...

It is an unfortunate fact that flattery doesn't pay many fact it pays buger all bills...[always nice to get compliments tho...even from tight bastards like me]..!

ps...keep yer eyes peeled for them there ravens...!