Thursday 1 November 2012

Recent Artwork

I’ve decided that I might as well use this blog more for promoting my artwork – if nothing else it will give me something to write about, as posts have been few and far between recently! I don’t intend to completely turn it over to art, but don’t be surprised if there are a few more posts like this in the future.

OK, hands up who knows what ACEO stands for? Anyone who’s liked my Facebook page should know, since I’ve been posting almost nothing else on there recently, but if you haven’t seen my page, or aren’t on Facebook, ACEOs are Art Cards, Editions and Originals.

There is only one rule for an ACEO, and that is that it must measure exactly 3.5 x 2.5 inches (landscape or portrait). Other than that, anything goes – paintings, drawings, prints, collage; if you can put it on a 3.5 x 2.5 inch card, it’s an ACEO. The cards can be framed, or displayed in albums, and make excellent gifts.

The format was introduced as an eBay category several years ago, and has proved to be very popular with art collectors. I’ve been painting ACEOs for a couple of months now, and selling them on eBay and in my Etsy shop. My eBay auctions start at either £14.99 or £19.99; selling prices are slowly rising as more collectors find my work and bid for it, but the top prices so far have been around £30, so this is a very affordable way of acquiring some original art!

Here are just a few of my recent ACEOs. Most of these are sold, but if you want to keep in touch with what’s currently for sale, please have a look at the ACEOs page on my website.



1 comment:

beast said...

Some good stuff there Andy...always nice to see a bit of artwork...!

Delicate balance with bloggy things tho...[re advertising/self promoting]...

Some blogs i've seen lately are just non stop whorish buy my shit bollox blurb....

Everyone's gotta make a buck though, especially in these hard times i guess....[so can't really blame 'em]..! won't forget to swear now and again on this blog will you...? [you've got to think about expected standards n all that]... of luck with Christmas sales...!