Thursday 20 December 2012

The Leicester Llama's Christmas Quiz

Something to do if you’re bored over the holidays. This is shamelessly ripped off from Howard Broughton’s ‘bird bits’ round in the recent Notts Birdwatchers’ quiz, but with a theme – Passerine wing bars. To make it slightly easier, all these photos were taken by me in Shetland (all in October) between 2007 & 2011. Species range from very common to very rare, and all are different.

Answers via the contacts page on my website please – – put ‘Christmas Quiz’ in the subject line. The first two correct (or highest scoring if no-one gets them all right) answers chosen at random on 31st December will each win an original line drawing from The Birds of Leicestershire & Rutland (Sabine’s Gull and Rough-legged Buzzard). Strictly one entry per person, and please DON’T give away any of the answers in the comments or anywhere else!

Answers and winners will be revealed in the New Year. Good luck and Happy Christmas!

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