Monday, 14 July 2008

Things that wankers (still) say

Another old favourite updated:

What do you mean you didn't go for the AHG at Chew?!

BBRC are all cunts - they rejected my Pallid Harrier even though my description was eight pages long!

I've just digi-wasted a Sprosser.

AHG on my fucking list!

We've seen plenty of common and a few scarce, but no rare.

Distant record shot in poor light. More on my blog!

Prints available - £3.50

I'd really love to meet Simon King.

The UK400 Club have reviewed the Citril Finch and put it in Category A, so I'm ticking it.

Hi, I'm the President of the British Birding Association.

And while we're on the subject, I stumbled upon this while searching for inspiration. You really couldn't make it up.


Mark said...

Come on Andy I dare you (in true spirit of the Llama's) to post that pic I sent you!!

Skev said...

Followed the link - unbelievable. What a cunt on casters! Maybe a Llama Certificate would be in order for things that wankers sell on / but from websites and especially for shiny things that wankers wear with binoculars / wellies.

Skev said...


I also propose a certificate for things that wnakers mis-type in blog comments.

The Leicester Llama said...

Yes, I think Llama Certificates are a definite possibility for the future, although whether anyone will be prepared to pay £2.50 for a 'hard copy' is another matter!

beast said...

[Are you goin to post the pic that Mark sent you Andy? I'm intrigued]!

That link on the 4/500 club is pretty incredible!...awards?...merit certificates? Why does 'he' do it? Does 'he' also enjoy wandering around a firing range with a fucking 'bullseye' tee-shirt on?
As for awards...
How about awarding a special 'Llama' tin cup full of shit to the first person who lists the times he's counted the times he's kept a list of the times he's re-counted his list..taking into account all the 'splits n lumps'...[sounds like something you'd catch off a toilet seat]..

The Drunkbirder said...

Doing the maths I worked out that you only need to see .008 of a bird to get a certificate from the new 4/500 club as advertised.

That's brilliant even lazy fuckers and 'birding non-entities' like me can now spend £2.50 on something to treasure.

Stephen Menzie said...

Distant record shot in poor light. More on my blog!
That sounds like the sort of thing I'd say/probably have already said! Can I have a Llama's certificate pleeeease :D

The Leicester Llama said...

Stephen - if and when I get round to creating Llama Certificates, you will be first on the list to receive one for that admission... especially if you use those exact words next time you post a pic on Surfbirds!