Thursday, 10 July 2008

Tonight's TV

An old Llamas favourite updated:

Teal or no Teal
5.30pm, ITV1
Noel Edmonds challenges contestants to guess which box contains a dead duck.

Don't Forget the Larus
6pm, Sky 1
A bearded Scandinavian gull expert drones on for five minutes about morphological characters and species limits in the Herring Gull complex. When he stops, the contestant has to finish his sentence before the audience falls asleep.

Doctor Hoot

6.45pm, BBC1
The time-travelling Tawny Owl investigates classic mysteries from the past. Just what was that reported Dendroica warbler at Kergord last year?

What Not to Wear
7.30pm, ITV1
Trinny and Susannah give a well-known twitcher a much-needed makeover...

8pm, BBC2
Bill and Kate present more hilarious cock-ups from Norfolk.

Big Plover
10pm, Channel 4
Ten birders with serious personality disorders are locked in the Rutland Water Visitor Centre and watched 24 hours a day by a giant Lapwing. Who will crack first?


Mark said...

Fu**ing genius I nearly choked on my ham sandwich. Dr Hoot! Classic stuff Andy.

beast said...

"Tomorrow Nights TV"

BBC1. 8.00pm.


More moaning from grumpy old birders going on about the shit weather and lack of decent birds.

BBC1. 9.00pm.


Even more moaning from grumpy old men going on about the shit weather and lack of decent birds.

BBC1. 10.35pm.


On tonights show Johnathans guests will be ripped apart and devoured. On next weeks show they will reappear as pellets.

BBC2. 11.30.


A show about birders favorite drugs.

Stewart said...

Well I'll be hog tied to Bobby Hall's dumper! LL back on the scene. Get in ...Klaus M Olsen is no where near as happy as that. We spent aweek on happy island with him this spring, he would do well on Beast's Grumpy Old Men...
Great blog.

Kay said...

I especially like the idea of Big Plover - you should get in touch with Endemol about that one.

I havn't been birding long enough to remember the original Leicester Llamas, but this is hilarious - keep it up :)

beast said...

Dear Kay...if you've not been birding long enough to remember the Llama's, are you sure you're old enough to be viewing this website? [only kidding]. Beware can get very disgusting...['fowl language' and all that]! Enjoy!

Harry said...

Saw your pics from Happy Island, brought back memories (and gripped me off in some cases)!
After you had left, I eventually caught up with Needletail (x2), but Sibe Thrush evaded me. Had Black-winged Cuckooshrike, Collared Kingfisher, Chinese Leaf Warbler etc late in my own trip as well.